Memorial pet jewelry keychain $35

Memorial pet jewelry necklace $40

Memorial pet jewelry remains pendant $110

Sealed Memorial Pet Jewelry Jar: (2 1/2" long and 3/4" w) Flowers or Remains with Two Charms $75

Pet Memorial Jewelry

(Memorial Pet jewelry In honor of our "Jasmine")

This is my beloved Jasmine who passed away in 2018.  She had a past history of being with two families with one family being of only a day.  We were her third family in a week. Jasmine came to me through my husband who rescued her and let our family love on her as if she had never known another family.  She truly was a family member from that day and a true soul dog companion of mine.  I love and miss her so much.

The jewelry that I will make for you will be of top-notch quality and much-given care in honor of her and of your family's great loss as well.  This is my Jasmine Pet Memorial Jewelry line.


Memorial pet jewelry hair pendant $95