Pandora style bead

Base Metal $25

Sterling Silver $40

​FLower Bead Celtic earrings $40

FLower Bead pocket Rosary  Sterling Silver $150

Please note: Our product falls under United States Law of Uniform Trade Secrets Act which is a law for protecting the rights of trade secrets in the United States. We have filed our product under this law  which effectively creates a monopoly of the secret information that does not expire as a patent or copyright.  Our information is not public and pertains to the economic benefit of us, the provider of our service. All reasonable efforts have been made to maintain the secrecy of our product and information.  This law is defined by 18 U.S.C. 1839.

 Misappropriation of this trade secret is the improper acquisition of our trade secret through use or disclosure is subject to the pertaining laws and consequences thereof.  Any attempts to make or distribute through sales of our proprietary formula through methods of reverse engineering or potentially unlawful methods of industrial espionage will probably be subject to legal liability for having acquired thus trade secrets improperly for we have secured our rights by taking the proper steps through lawyer filing to maintain our secrecy in said product.

​Flower Bead Gentleman's Cufflinks $50

13 Beaded Bracelet Sterling Silver $130

FLower Bead Earrings $35

Flower bead sterling earrings $40

FLower Bead Gold Swirl Earrings $40

Beaded Bracelet $50

Flower Bead Butterfly Ornament ​$40

All of your jewelry pieces are made in our customer jewelry design studio and they are professionally made.  We love what we do! We have other pieces of jewelry not listed and we also take customer requests.  Just Contact us!

Sterling Silver Beaded Bracelet $85

Flower Bead angel Ornament ​$40

​Flower Bead Ornament Bangle

Goldtone $40

Sterling Silver $85

Flower Money Clip $50

FLower Bead Chain Rosary  $120

Flower Petal Jewelry

Hand rolled, flower petal jewelry that is unique and beautiful.

​Flower Bead Ladies Post Earrings $50

Angel Earrings $ 35

Flower Bracelet  $150

​Sterling  Silver Flower Bead Post Earrings  


Flower-Bead Angel Pendant $25

Angel with 16 inch chain $35

Angel with Sterling Chain $48

​Flower Bead Butterfly Pendant $30

Simple Pendant $25

 Base Metal chain $35

Sterling Silver Chain $48

Bookmarks  $35

​Sterling  Silver Flower Bead ring   

SIzes 7-8   $125

FLower Bead Tassle Necklace  $80

​Flower Bead Ornament Angel & Bird $40

sealed Memory jar​: (2 1/2" long and 3/4" w)

Flowers or remains with two charms  $75

Our flower beaded jewelry is under a "proprietary formula law" that files under trade secret per our attorney and other federal laws.  See note below for more information.

​Flower Bead Gentleman's Bracelet $40

FLower Bead Sterling Tassle Necklace  $150

​Flower Bead CZ Angel Necklace $50

Angel Keyring​  $30

​Flower Bead Child Pearl Bracelet $40

Rosary/prayer beaded jewelry Sterling Silver $600